What is the best scene from each of the Star Wars films?

According to me :

THE PHANTOM MENACE: The Fight between Qui-Gon Jinn + Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul. The choreography but especially the music are great.

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Battle of Geonosis as a whole: the scene in the arena is very cool, the Jedi + Clones VS Droids fights are superb and the lightsaber fight at the end is nice.

REVENGE OF THE SITH: It’s very hard to choose because the film is excellent but personally I would choose Order 66, very powerful in emotions and with great staging.

SOLO: The train scene is really cool, the fights and the settings are pretty stylish.

ROGUE ONE: The Battle of Scarif which is simply the best of the Star Wars films for me.

A NEW HOPE: For a 1977 film, the ending battle was truly extraordinary due to the quality of its special effects and even today, it remains fun.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: The cult scene “I am your father”

RETURN OF THE JEDI: The confrontation between the Emperor and Luke manages to develop a unique atmosphere in the saga, and we have here the best lightsaber fight of the Original Trilogy.

THE FORCE AWAKENS: the film is a very big disappointment (it’s just a copy and paste of episode 4) but the intro scene is still pretty cool.

THE LAST JEDI: The most memorable scene remains the Battle of Crait which is truly magnificent.

THE RISE OF SKYWALKER: as with Episode 7, the film does not show great originality but the intro scene remains truly superb.

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