In what movie scene does an actor not wear pants because he is filmed in close-up?

In A History of Violence by David Cronenberg (2005), Ed Harris does not wear pants during the first confrontation with Viggo Mortensen, in the restaurant where the latter works.

During the first takes of this sequence, Viggo Mortensen couldn’t be serious. He burst out laughing every time he had to give the line to Ed Harris.

It was a nervous laugh that was perhaps triggered by the special makeup that covered Ed Harris’ face.

After several takes were ruined by Mortensen’s giggles, Ed Harris suddenly decided to take off his pants.

He was hot and, since the general atmosphere was one of laughter, he told himself that he too was going to play it relaxed.

There was probably a little annoyance on his part.

In any case, as soon as he sat down on his stool in his boxers, Viggo Mortensen came to his senses and was able to perform the scene without bursting into laughter.

The sequence that we see in the film is therefore precisely the one that Ed Harris filmed without his pants.

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