What was the saddest celebrity moment ever filmed?

The last moments of actor Philippe Seymour Hoffman, recorded by the surveillance video of the café-restaurant at the bottom of his building.

These images are visible in shows like “The last 24 hours of Philippe Seymour Hoffman” or “Hollywood autopsy”. The footage shows Hoffman accompanied by two individuals, likely his dealers, drinking and talking like friends.

Hoffman was going through a difficult personal situation, following his heroin addiction. His wife had asked him to leave the home, for the sake of their children. So he took an apartment in the same neighborhood in New York, and they came to an arrangement for visits with the children.

Unfortunately, shortly after his visit to this bar-restaurant, Hoffman had a fatal illness in his bathroom. The causes of his death are multiple and I will not go into details, there are very interesting programs explaining the interactions between different substances. It’s a huge waste, because beyond his talent he was appreciated by everyone as a human being. It was February 2, 2014, Philippe Seymour Hoffman was 47 years old.

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