Who was the most powerful woman in the 3rd Reich?

The First Lady of the Third Reich: Magda Goebbels.

Magda, 29, wanted a radical change in her life.

So she took the path of a fanatic life married to Joseph Goebbels a failed author, fiercely anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

At 20, she was married to Günther Quandt, father of her son Harald, a wealthy industrialist, but after 9 years of marriage, she divorced, tired of this monotonous life.

With her fine divorce pension, she went from lover to lover, enjoying the Roaring Twenties while thinking of being a decorator or childcare worker.

Then as her meetings and advice progressed, she attended a speech by Joseph Goebbels at the “Sportpalast in Berlin”, she was completely hypnotized by his way of speaking, not caring about the ignoble remarks he made, indeed Goebbels had the quality of being an excellent orator after Hitler.

After 3 months, she joined the Nazi Party, she will be secretary there, Joseph Goebbels noticed her almost immediately as he was in awe of the beauty of this blonde woman with blue eyes.

They quickly become lovers, he married in 1931, she later became one of Hitler’s closest women to whom she almost worshiped.

In 1933 with the Nazi takeover, Joseph Goebbels became Minister of Propaganda, it then became the centerpiece of his propaganda.

She embodied the first lady of the Reich between galas, receptions, worldliness: world she adored.

Magda represents Nazi ideology as well: “the first mother of the Third Reich”, in 9 years she had 6 pregnancies!

Pregnancies necessary for the propaganda ideology that the Nazis wish to establish in the Reich.

This family will be staged throughout the Third Reich, in propaganda films always with their children.

His marriage will experience many difficult moments, in particular with the adulterers, Joseph Goebbels as a womanizer will clearly threaten the balance of propaganda.

His idyll with the Czech actress Lída Baarová, with whom Goebbels fell madly in love, jeopardized the union of the Goebbels spouses.

So much so that Hitler will intervene as a marriage counselor to avoid a divorce which will destroy his ideology, the propaganda and the career of the Goebbels.

Yet nothing predestined Magda Goebbels to this destiny of profound Nazi;

In her youth she was brought up by her stepfather whom she particularly loved: Richard Friedländer, a “Jew” who will educate her, she will bear his name.

During the persecutions in Germany, he will ask for help from Magda who will ignore his distress.

Thereafter, Richard Friedländer, summoned to the office of Joseph Goebbels will disappear, deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp.

Also she was the mistress of a man Victor Haïm Arlosoroff, Zionist, advocating for “Tikvat Zion” in Palestine with whom she will have a real love story.

She learns Hebrew, wears the star of David, she even plans to go and live in Palestine.

But they separated and he was assassinated in Palestine a few years later, probably by spies of Joseph Goebbels.

She was a woman full of paradox animated by an unfailing ambition, greedy for power and money.

She found in Nazism, a kind of change of life that she could not have imagined, she who was so bored.

As a good fanatic, during the fall of the Reich, in the bunker, she could not bear to see National Socialism disappear.

Also, she will no longer bear to hear the unhealthy confessions of Joseph Goebbels who clearly relies on her.

Confessions about the massacres in the extermination camps, the Einsatzgruppen in the east … well aware of having participated indirectly in all this.

She will make the decision to murder her 6 children and to commit suicide with her husband.

She will take her children with her, judging them too beautiful for this future world.

She will make the terrible confession in a letter addressed to her son Harald.

But maybe the children growing up might not have tolerated the actions of their parents?

Perhaps they would have denied them?

Perhaps they would have criticized National Socialism?

Magda Goebbels had thought of all these questions and for her it was unthinkable..

Unthinkable, to be judged by her children as a criminal.

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