What absurd controversy did not deserve a response from a Hollywood studio?

When Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Wonder Woman in 2017, some viewers noticed that, in a shot that lasted less than a second, actress Gal Gadot had no hair under her arms and that her skin was abnormally white in the armpits.

So what?

No, not so what at all. Apparently this is a problem. On the one hand, the color difference is ugly, apparently. Makeup was applied incorrectly or has faded. This is problematic, apparently.
On the other hand, much more serious, the absence of hair is an insult to women everywhere, apparently. Because Wonder Woman, “as a member of the (fictional) matriarchy of Themyscira, would not have been exposed to the social pressures that exist in the West regarding a certain conception of beauty. As an Amazon, she would have had armpit hair. »

Warner is therefore accused of having shaved Gal Gadot’s armpits to conform to a sexist vision of beauty.

Crisis management at Warner.

Now is not the time to be accused of sexism when they are about to market their film as the best thing to ever happen to women since the Suffragettes.

A barrage is immediately launched on social networks, with opinions from historians who certify that women already shaved under their arms in certain ancient societies (for aesthetic and practical reasons) and, therefore, it is It makes perfect sense for Wonder Woman to have hairless armpits. Additionally, at the beginning of the 20th century, where the action of the film takes place, women also began to shave under their arms. So, everything is good, everything is square.

The controversy is defused… We got hot.

Furthermore, when the film comes out, we can see that Wonder Woman’s skin has been retouched and that she is now as tanned under her arms as elsewhere!

Or how a few comments from idle fly-taker can make a Hollywood studio sweat…

What if such a pointless controversy had only provoked a tweet like this:

“Relax, people, it’s just a movie…”

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