What is the best anecdote from a James Bond film?

  1. The fight scene in Skyfall was filmed on a real moving train.

During filming, Daniel Craig insisted on doing the stunts himself.

The actor explained that “in a James Bond, we do things in real life, and we don’t do them half-heartedly! If we use computer-generated images, it’s only to enhance a scene, and not to create it .

In the film, he fights on a train car. For this scene, no computer-generated images were used. In reality, the two actors are attached by very small threads and are not dubbed. A real James Bond!

2. Goldfinger existed.

You may not have known it but Goldfinger, one of the franchise’s iconic villains, (more or less) really existed. In his 1959 novel, Ian Fleming took the liberty of drawing direct inspiration from the name and character traits of Ernő Goldfinger, an architect and designer of Hungarian origin to create the megalomaniac character played by Gert Fröbe. This didn’t sit well with him, and Goldfinger nearly sued Ian Fleming, but withdrew after the writer agreed to pay his attorney’s fees and gave him six copies of the book.

3. Tomorrow Never Dies shouldn’t have been called that.

This is an error which is the origin of the title of the film Tomorrow never dies . The film should not have had this title but should have been called Tomorrow never lies . For what ? An error in the script where the word “lies” was replaced by “dies”. The production was pleasantly surprised and decided to finally opt for this title.

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