What are the most interesting reactions from Hollywood personalities following Will Smith’s slap?

Jim Carey appeared on Gayle King’s CBS show.

How did you feel when you saw the incident?

“It made me nauseous. I was disgusted to see that Will Smith was given a standing ovation moments later when he received the Oscar for Best Actor. I had the feeling that Hollywood had no courage, no morality. I felt like this was a very clear indication that Hollywood is no longer a place for cool people. We are no longer the “cool club”.

This insult to Chris Rock’s face will stay forever.

If we don’t agree, we can express it in another way. You don’t have the right to go on stage and hit someone because they simply said “words” .

I feel like there was some sort of escalation that led to this move by Will Smith…

No, there was no escalation! It came out of nowhere. Because Will Smith has something in him, a frustration. And I wish him to get better. I have nothing against him. He has done great things. His gesture ruined the evening and deprived many people of their moment in the light, people who worked very hard to get there. It’s no small feat to be at the Oscars. It’s a lot of work, effort, and difficulties that we can’t imagine, just to get a nomination. It’s an investment, a gigantic dedication to get there. It was incredibly selfish what Will Smith did.”

Bill Maher, famous host and comedian, interviewed by TMZ, had the following comments:

“Will Smith has crossed the line. And it reinforces the currently popular idea that humor is the enemy. This gesture is cancel culture in a nutshell. First, we see Will Smith laughing at the joke. He thinks it’s funny, but he suddenly changes his mind and is like “Oh, wait a second, I’m supposed to be offended!” . And then there’s the overreaction. It’s as if the Twitter mob had suddenly become incarnate. We laugh, then we say to ourselves that we shouldn’t, and we end up attacking the author in the name of social progress.

I had heard the term alopecia before, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. So, I looked, and I saw that it was just losing your hair. So, it’s not something serious, it’s not leukemia. Everyone has hair problems. Me first. This is all ridiculous. If a joke like this becomes the limit that must not be crossed, we have a problem…

Not to mention the fact that Chris Rock’s joke was almost a compliment. He compares Jada to GI Jane, a hot girl who has her hair shaved. I saw nothing wrong with this comparison. I don’t understand the problem. Chris Rock is the hero in this story. »

Radio star and comedian Joe Rogan commented on the incident on his show:

“Chris’ joke was soft. And Will Smith’s reaction was so excessive that it shows that he had no fear of suffering the consequences. This is the behavior of someone who considers themselves above the rules. Chris was doing his job. He’s a pro, it’s his job to tease the stars. And what he said wasn’t an insult. It was very light. That was NOT an insult! It was the lightest joke that could be made about her hairstyle in reference to a film where the actress had shaved her head. There is no possible justification for his action. It was an irrational reaction which shows that he is psychologically fragile and that he gave in to an impulse. And that was incredibly stupid of him.

He literally behaved like he was in a movie, thinking it would happen, as if it was written in the script.

To get up from your seat, in a tuxedo, and go on stage during the biggest night in showbiz, in front of the whole world, and punch a comedian who just made a little joke without malice, and then sit back in your seat and scream, lip trembling… And everyone present is going to have to deal with the shit you just left. He literally shit on the dining room table and everyone is forced to look at his turd…

These people live in a fantasy world. He’s so famous, so rich, and so disconnected from reality, from normal interactions, from everyday life… Will behaved like a character in a movie.

And because it’s him and he’s treated differently, he was then allowed to receive an award, go on stage and give a speech. When he had just attacked a comedian! He obviously should have been excluded from the rest of the ceremony. It was the only normal thing to do.

You can’t punch someone in the face in front of the whole world and then continue the evening as if nothing had happened. It sets a terrible example and the consequences could be terrible. In comedy clubs, will people now be able to go on stage and punch the comedians because they didn’t like a joke?

People admire actors. And seeing Will Smith resort to violence over something as harmless as a GI Jane joke is seriously serious. »

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