How realistic is John Wick?

At zero points.

I have a theory. We’re going to get there!

Let’s be clear, it doesn’t matter: the films are cool , in their genre, probably include the best action scenes your girlfriend has been through in a long time… Chad Stahelski knows that what we want is It’s seeing a Belarusian badass kicking ass for his dog to kéké music and doesn’t bother us with things as trivial as a scenario, characters or dialogues. AH!

But invoking “realism” shouldn’t push grandma…

Some examples :

1. According to an old Hollywood rule, guns with silencers go like this…


2. In real life you can see the muzzle flash (the flame at the end of the barrel), but it is not as photogenic as in the cinema; in fact, a long, close-quarters indoor shootout like the ones in the film would leave everyone involved disoriented by the deafening noise of the bangs, the smoke and the blinding light… as well as, you know, dead.

3. There are indeed, as impossible as it seems, bulletproof (or rather bulletproof ) jackets that are about as thin and light as the suit worn by John.

Kevlar, Twaron, Goldflex or Dyneema…

However, a single bullet received has the effect of a hammer blow; would leave a bruise or a burn, even if it could damage an internal organ; oh, and would destroy the fabric too! finally, would not leave you operational but would knock you out for a few seconds, in addition to offering no protection against a blade, for example.

4. John Wick would have died four hundred times in the first film, or spent months recovering from pretty serious injuries. The human body has its limits…

To mention only the most obvious!

And then there is a point that bothers me, and gave rise to a theory in me:

John Wick takes place in the world of the Matrix. From The Matrix.

This explains both:

the presence of Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne ,

the superhuman exploits of these international and interchangeable assassins,

the quasi-invulnerability of our hero (besides if you take the letters o and n in John and you throw the others in the trash and you go to get an in the cellar after having smoked a big joint, you get Neo : thank you to the Association of Partisans of the Oblong Land for this disconcerting evidence!),

the somewhat bizarre rules of this secret society, the “High Table”, which controls everything, knows everything, sees everything, and whose representative

looks suspiciously like this guy:

and above all the total absence of reaction, in the four films, from the police, the army, the government, the media, the Internet, from a passerby who would film or run away screaming while real scenes wars are taking place in the streets and in every public place imaginable!

Damn, but it’s of course.

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